Adding new column in PowerPivot

There are several types of columns we can add in PowerPivot table. Some of the columns are just a summation of two columns in the same table or PowerPivot tab. Other columns are related columns derived from related tables. Let’s take a look at how these columns can be added to our existing table.

For example, we have one table called Products and we track information such as product price and how many units we sold. We can then add another column to this table that will represent total sales for each product. We can multiply number of products sold and their price and derive new column for this data. We’ll resort to PowerPivot DAX to do this calculation for us.

However, first we need to click on any empty column, usually column to the right of our records, and provide DAX formula in the formula bar for this column such as =[Quantity]*[ProductPrice]

Another type of new PowerPivot column is derived from related records in another table. For instance, we can have Product Category table that is linked to product table CategoryId. In order to display this category, all we need is to double click on a heading of any empty column and provide another DAX formula such as: =RELATED[‘Category’[CategoryTitle])

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